What is the Sceptic's Tarot?

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    The Sceptic's Tarot is about using Tarot cards for ideas, brainstorming, problem solving, decision-making, planning, goal-setting, motivation, self-exploration, creative activities, counselling, relaxation and more.

    There is nothing mystical, esoteric or supernatural involved.

    The cards are usually associated with divination. They do not have to be. The Sceptic's Tarot offers a different take on how Tarot cards can be used.

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07 November 2009


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Hi, Thomas. "Action reflection learning". What a fancy way of saying "experience"! Me, I ain't got much book larnin' but I sure larned a lot jis by livin. An bein curious. An arskin lots of questions.
The most important word in the world? "Why".


Dear Anne, I fully agree and value your comment. In another post ( I refer to John Launer's finding. He remarks that he carried out a literature review of supervision, coaching and mentoring and to him literature "seems to exist on islands that are not in communication with each other".

I have undertaken some elementary research on What do we call that part of an academic program, which concerns the learning by students
from experience within the occupational field? and found an array of assiciated meanings (

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