What is the Sceptic's Tarot?

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    The Sceptic's Tarot is about using Tarot cards for ideas, brainstorming, problem solving, decision-making, planning, goal-setting, motivation, self-exploration, creative activities, counselling, relaxation and more.

    There is nothing mystical, esoteric or supernatural involved.

    The cards are usually associated with divination. They do not have to be. The Sceptic's Tarot offers a different take on how Tarot cards can be used.

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09 November 2009


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Marius L Wessels

Making WIL accessible to students with disabilities.

I am glad you have made me as an academic aware of this very important issue, especially in relation to WIL. Probably most of us have the old paradigm setting about this matter and as you referred to we should rather focus on the abilities of a person with a disability and "works towards a society for all".

As academics we should become more sensitised about this matter and especially its relation towards WIL. This is an issue that needs further debate and I am glad about the article attached.This is also an issue we need to take note of on a national (SASCE)as well as international (WACE) level in the higher education sector.

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