What is the Sceptic's Tarot?

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    The Sceptic's Tarot is about using Tarot cards for ideas, brainstorming, problem solving, decision-making, planning, goal-setting, motivation, self-exploration, creative activities, counselling, relaxation and more.

    There is nothing mystical, esoteric or supernatural involved.

    The cards are usually associated with divination. They do not have to be. The Sceptic's Tarot offers a different take on how Tarot cards can be used.

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28 May 2012


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Hi All,

This topic is so relevant at the moment since we are in the re-curriculation process of all our courses. It is so easily said by academics that work-integrated learning should be reduced in time, as it does not currently equal the 1 credit = 10 hours of learning. I agree that a substantial (yet reasonable) time in industry is essential if students are to be given a chance to experience quality learning.

Thank you for your above input, as I will certainly make use of Karsten's suggestion of asking, "is every hour in the workplace a quality learning hour?", when taking the argument further at my institution.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)
P O Box 652, Cape Town, South Africa 8000

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