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Here are more examples of creativity at work:

Portrait in glass

Sometimes you need to destroy to create. Simon Berger creates portraits by destroying glass.

Simon starts with a photo of a model, which he outlines on a pane of glass. Then he goes to work with hammer and chisel. He uses glass that doesn’t break immediately on being struck, like a car’s windshield.

This is the result:

Portrait in glass--Simon Berger

You can get more information, and see more images, on the artist's website at

Image credit: Simon Berger


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Self-cleaning door handle

Door handles in public places are disgusting, aren’t they?

Fear no more: two students in Hong Kong have created a self-cleaning door handle that uses ultraviolet light to kill germs.

Demonstrating that motivation to solve a problem is the driver of creativity!

The door handle is a glass tube covered by a thin layer of titanium, with an aluminium handle at each end. When the tube is bathed in UV light, it sets off a chemical reaction that destroys germs. The UV light is powered by a small generator that uses the kinetic energy of the opening and closing of the door to produce electricity.

Tests show that the door handle kills 99.8% of microbes.

Door handle that cleans itselfImage:


Hendricks, S. (2019, October 31). Students develop door handles that kill bacteria. Big Think. Retrieved 5 November 2019 from

Bamboo water tower

In regions where water is scarce, people have harvested water from rain, fog, or even dew.

A recent innovation in water-scarce Ethiopia is a bamboo tower that captures water from the air around it.

The invention challenges the assumption that a desert is completely dry.

The WarkaWater tower is 30 feet tall and 13 feet wide. A mesh netting over the tower captures moisture from the air and directs it into a hygienic holding tank.

The tower is easy and cheap to construct, uses no electricity, and is able to produce up to 25 gallons of water a day.

The concept is the brain child of Italian architect, designer, and artist Arturo Vittori.

Bamboo tower waterMore information is available from

Image credit: Arturo Vittori / Architecture and Vision


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